Wedding Day Details - the value of a planner part 2!

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 00:00

It was not our intention to start a series of articles on the subject but sometimes life is just too incredible to avoid it! Last week we shared the story of a wedding which could have ended in disaster had the couple not had a planner and again this week we have another behind the scenes snippet for you! 

As the bride and groom you want to enjoy your wedding day to the full, but you also want to ensure that all your family and friends, who have travelled to be with you, have a fantastic time too. But what happens if they need help on the wedding day? You don ́t want to ignore them but equally you can ́t always stop everything and rush to their aid... This is where, as wedding planners we step in again. At a wedding this week the sun shone, the cava was sparkling and the couple were on cloud nine. But that was not the case for one poor guest who starting feeling very ill indeed. She (the guest) did not want to bother the bride on her Big Day but equally needed to get back to the hotel and fast.
Our wedding planner discreetly informed the venue staff and the best man, drove the guest back to her hotel and gave her a contact number for an English speaking doctor. When told of the incident later that night the bride admitted that, caught up in the whirl of events, she had not even noticed her guest was off colour and would not have known what to do if told earlier in the day.

Obviously we are biased but the anecdote does illustrate that wedding planners are not only there to organise the big things for your wedding day but also to take care of the small details which turn a good wedding into a really great one where both you AND your guests have the best day possible......


Don't let this be you - the value of a wedding planner!

Monday, 23 June 2014 00:00

This is it, your big moment; you’re officially engaged and finally get to plan your wedding. You’ve probably been planning your dress and hair since you were a little girl and now you get to do it for real. It’s so exciting. Ouch, what’s that? That little pinprick in your bubble called your budget and well, it’s just so tempting to cut costs and not bother with a wedding planner. Well, before you rush ahead to make your bookings (and in Spanish mind you), just take a moment to consider this scenario:
It’s the big day and your florist and photographer have arrived at the church to set up. The church is locked and there’s no one in sight. The guests arrive, everyone’s murmuring amongst themselves wondering if they’ve got the right time and place. Cue your arrival in your vintage car only to find all your guests and groom standing outside a locked church. What do you do?

This scenario very nearly came true for one of our couples who got married recently (not that they’ll ever know their lucky escape!). Our wedding planner arrived at the church only to discover the musician, the florist, and photographer waiting outside the locked doors of the church. No one knew what to do. As the appointed wedding planner, we had obviously reserved the church and re-confirmed with the priest the day before so something was clearly very wrong! A few phone calls later, our planner had located the key holder who had unfortunately been taken ill in hospital that day.
Ever resourceful, the planner found another key, informed the bridal car that there may be delays and merrily kept guests at bay until the solution arrived 15 minutes before the ceremony. The bride never knew what had happened and was completely spared any panic or stress!

wedding church vendors waiting

We recently found out that 6 out of 10 of our wedding couples had considered not using a planning service as they thought they could save money. Having met us in our offices, discussed plans, viewed our great planning tools and perhaps tried to find some resources independently online, they decided they just didn’t want the stress of not speaking Spanish and having to trust a host of unknown suppliers. In the end, they thought it was best to have a wedding planner to ease the stress and tap into professional resources. Interestingly 100% of these couples after their wedding said they could not have done it without us!

You deserve the best for your wedding day so let professionals like Spanish Wedding Planner handle the stress! Our service goes way beyond booking the church and venue; we speak the language, we have an extensive range of contacts and experience and benefit from discounts with our preferred suppliers. In the end, our fee is more than balanced out by the savings you can make through us and, above all, by being able to enjoy a perfect day without any stress and strain.

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