Fall in love with Valencia

Saturday, 16 July 2016 09:19


There's really no time like now to wed in one of Spain's best hidden, most incredible cities - with Spanish Wedding Planner to guide you along the way!

If you were asked to name a Spanish city which offers culture, beauty, great food and beaches then Barcelona would probably be the first city you named. Nowadays however there is a new contender for Barcelona's cultural crown and culinary prowess - Valencia.

Famed throughout Spain for its paella, the passion for their local dish has led Valencianos to insist on locally sourced, good quality produce. Valencian cuisine is now renowned for the freshness of the products which go into its dishes and the creative menus served by restaurants and venues. Given this and Valencia's location - on the Mediterranean for fish and seafood, and surrounded by "La Huerta" some of the most fertile farmland in Spain - it is no surprise Valencian food is taken so seriously by the city's inhabitants and restaurants! For foodies this makes Valencia an incredible place not only go visit but to wed as menus are imaginative and there is a real desire to showcase the quality of the produce and skills of the chef.

Alongside Valencia's love of good food runs a love of live music, with the largest number of music bands on any one city in Spain! Twined with Valencia’s many unique fiestas Valencia’s live music, it is one of the reasons that culturally, as well as in cuisine, Valencia more than holds its own. In fact the city has recently become a phenomenon on the European tourist market precisely because it has successfully modernised and reinvented itself to become a hub of cosmopolitan culture and yet also managed to retain its traditional culture.

In practical terms this means Valencia's historic centre still retains its old world charm but running alongside this is Valencia's futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, the Bioparc, a lively new cultural scene and of course the city's beaches! If that wasn't enough, access is now even easier as British Airways and Easyjet both fly direct to Valencia from Gatwick, and Ryanair flies from Stansted and Dublin.

The icing on the (wedding!) cake for couples planning a wedding - in addition to all the benefits of Valencia itself - is that from July 2016 Spanish Wedding Planner are opening a new office in this beautiful city. Valencian planners Kate and Vanessa combine their own knowledge of the city and it’s people with Spanish Wedding Planner’s decade long experience of planning and coordinating weddings for couples from around the world.

So, if you are looking for an incredible cosmopolitan city where you and your guests can soak up old world Spain, relax on the beach, explore cutting edge architecture or just try paella in the city of its birth, Valencia really does fit the bill!



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