Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue

Friday, 01 May 2015 00:00

“Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

So says the old rhyme about what the bride should wear or carry on her wedding day. Thought to originate from England, something old represents continuity, something new offers optimism for the future, something borrowed represents borrowed happiness, something blue for love, and fidelity and finally the sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.

Nowadays although the tradition is thought of as a bit of fun to bring luck to the bride, it can also be an amazing way to bring even more meaning to your Big Day with well-chosen items from family, friends that showcase your uniqueness and personality.
Here are 10 new takes on old traditions:

Something old – traditionally this is the easy one as many brides wear their mother or grandmother’s jewellery both to show continuity in the family and practically to save money on expensive jewellery. There’s no rule to say it has to be jewellery however so if your families don’t have a special wedding day piece or you want to do something different you can be imaginative in this area. Use an old locket or photo frame to display photos of loved ones who are no longer with you or find a pair of vintage shoes (try specialist websites or eBay) to add glamour and vintage style to your outfit.

Something new - this does not have to be an item but can also be a new look or hairstyle to wow your husband-to-be as you walk down the aisle! It can also be something from here in Spain which your wedding planner can source for you and bring to your rehearsal. A special bridal fan, a parasol, some lacy underwear - just ask us for suggestions!

Something borrowed - this is an ideal moment to ask a friend to borrow an item of clothing or accessory you’ve always admired. It can also be a way to make your friend feel especially cherished as you can explain it would mean a lot to you if you could borrow it for your wedding day. Do make sure you give it back afterwards though - you want to borrow it not steal it!

Something blue - if your colour scheme incorporates blue then you’ve already sorted this one, but if not then don’t worry as there are subtle ways to get blue into your Big Day. One clever way which is growing in popularity is to have your initials and wedding date stitched into your dress or veil.

A silver sixpence in her shoe - An old British sixpence takes a bit of planning so if you do want to follow the rhyme to the letter make sure you ask friends and relatives if they have a sixpence in advance or source one via an internet site or coin dealer to have it at the ready.

Whatever you do use make sure you have fun and make the ideas your own to really let your own personality and excitement about your Big Day in Spain shine through!


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