In Praise of a September Wedding!

Friday, 28 August 2015 00:00

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Every month has its own advantages for a wedding but here in southern Spain there's no doubt September is an extra special month for your Big Day. The intense heat of the summer has gone, along with much of the crowd and bustle. As the season of "mists and mellow fruitfulness" begins we look at the five best things about a September wedding!

Lower temperatures: with over 300 days of sunshine a year Andalusia is a great choice for an outdoor wedding in the sun. The high temperatures of July and August can be a bit much for older relatives though so the slight drop in the heat in September make it brilliant for those who want sunshine but not Mediterranean heat!

Cheaper flights: as term starts and people go back to work the price of flights drops. If you have a September wedding you, and your guests can benefit. Some airlines may also do special deals or offer perks for big groups so if you are travelling together it's worth contacting your flight provider to see what they can do.

Easier for adults only: if, by accident or design, your wedding is all adult then there is no doubt this is easier when school is on. Those with children are often busy with the back to school rush and can even face fines for taking children out of school. There are far fewer children on holiday in Spain so less children around this end too if you want a more grown up affair.

Less tourists: the end of the traditional summer holiday period also means a fall in numbers so although there's still lots to do and plenty if places open there are not the crowds which you can get in high season. If you want your wedding and time in Spain to be a quieter affair therefore September is blissful!

Fresh produce in season: pumpkins, onions, auberines, garlic, mangoes, leeks and grapes are all available in September so you can have fun incorporating seasonal ideas and dishes into your wedding day menu to get a flavour of Spain and go with the season!

Of course there are great things about marrying in Spain whenever you tie the knot here so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view find out more on weddings in September or any other month and we can help you with info and tips.


Location, Location, Location - for your wedding day!

Friday, 21 August 2015 00:00

Numerous property programmes on television show people searching for the perfect house. Different family set ups and desires result in those on the shows choosing very different houses and there are often difficult choices to be made. When you start trying to find the perfect wedding location it can be just as hard. You need to combine your dreams with your budget and the type of wedding you are planning. Southern Spain has an incredible climate and some incredible venues - but which is right for you? In this week's blog we look at the pros and cons of different types of venues:

Private Villa/Spanish Hacienda - If you want a larger degree of autonomy and freedom with the decoration and timing of your wedding day then a private villa can be an ideal choice. This type of property can be rented out for one or several days and you can use the house and grounds (owner regulations permitting) to create the wedding day of your dreams. Catering is more likely to be done by a private catering team, so while this can be more expensive than a hotel or restaurant, you have a great deal of flexibility with your menu and presentation.


Hotel/Boutique hotel - if you want to keep things simple then a hotel wedding can be perfect. On-site accommodation, set wedding menus, an area or areas dedicated to weddings and experienced staff make hotels one of the most popular choices for Spanish weddings. Special deals are often offered on accommodation for you and your guests if you book your wedding at the hotel along with items such as centres, menus and seating plans.


Restaurant - if the wedding day food is super important to you, you want a central location and are not too worried about the decor then a restaurant can be ideal. Restaurants have the advantage of great, accessible locations ie: next to a beach, or in the centre of town and menus are usually varied and fairly inexpensive as food is of course what they specialise in. If you are looking for a venue which you can decorate on a grand scale for your wedding day however then do check carefully what is and is not permitted. Also important to note is that due to their central locations most restaurants will have specific times when outdoor music must finish and after that you will need to move to an indoor nightclub or function room.

Do note however that these are just guidelines. Each venue has its own advantages and specialties so if you want to find out more about any of them just get in touch!



Best First Dance EVER goes viral for Spanish Wedding Planner couple!

Monday, 10 August 2015 00:00

OMG! There’s a collective scream of excitement here in the Spanish Wedding Planner office that Hollie and Dave’s first dance has gone viral! Youtube reports more than 3 million views for Hollie and Dave’s first dance at their wedding on 29th July this year. Instead of a slow dance they decided to choreograph their own dance routine to modern and classic hits AND get the bridal party involved too! We planned and worked closely with  Hollie and Dave over the last 18 months and knew in advance they would need a big dance floor at Cortijo Maria Luisa (their reception venue) but even we, (and DJ Tristan!) were surprised at how incredible their first dance turned out to be! 


This video of the dance has now gone viral and has been talked about not only across the internet but on tv and in newspapers across the world including an appearance by Hollie and Dave today on UK tv programme, Good Morning Britain! Hollie and Dave, you were amazing not just on the day but to work with too and we at Spanish Wedding Planner wish you all the love and happiness in the world - oh and keep dancing too!


Surprise Your Guests!

Thursday, 06 August 2015 00:00

If you want your Spanish wedding to be memorable, good food and a great location are a fantastic way to start. To really add fun and ensure your wedding is unforgettable however, surprising your guests in some way is often the key! In this week's blog we look at fun ways you can delight your guests and bring even more magic to your Big Day. There are lots of possibilities, and you know your guests better than most, so this is a brilliant opportunity to show your playful side or showcase a hobby or activity you love. See some of our favourite ideas below:

Paraglide as a wedding couple - this is not for the faint hearted but if you are both brave and really want to impress your guests why not take off for a paraglide? Sarah and Derek who married with us back in 2013 did just that - in their wedding outfits!!! 


Fun Dance - this can be an incredible way to start your married life - amazing your family and friends with a special dance you have rehearsed and really showing the world you and your loved one are a team!

Crazy favours - back in the old days wedding favours meant a little bag of sugared almonds. Now though the internet and your wedding planner offer an incredible range of favours. Thoughtful favours can carry on the theme of your wedding and give the people who travelled to share your day something special to to keep and take home. 

Silly Hats/clothing - at Christmas putting in the silly hat that comes out of your cracker seems to add to the festive spirit and sense of togetherness. Similarly providing some fun hats for your guests or asking all the guys to wear funny socks can sound a bit lame but if it creates a talking point and adds a sense of fun and laughter to your day it can bring people together and makes for great photos too!

Photo challenge - if capturing the spirit of your day is a major issue for you then getting your guests involved can be a clever way to add to the professional photos from your photographer and get some otherwise never seen images from your day. A board like this can inspire guests and keep them talking about your wedding long after the dancing has ended….


Don't be afraid to express yourselves and show your guests you care too!



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