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Friday, 20 February 2015 00:00

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As smart phones, selfies, social media and the internet continue to dominate our lives one of the big issues set to dominate weddings, this year and next, is wedding photos. If you are planning to marry in Spain or anywhere else this year there are some serious issues to consider surrounding your wedding photos therefore even if you don't own a camera. The chances are, that pretty much every guest you invite (even older family members) has a smartphone with a camera which can access the internet. Before you know it images of you and your beloved can be all over social media and you have little control over their portrayal. Some brides report images of them in their dresses on social networks before they’ve even walked down the aisle, leaving them feeling out of control about the way their day is being portrayed….

So what can you do to make sure your wedding day photos stay special and that you use the new technology to your advantage? Here we give you the best ways to stay savvy with your images…

1) Ask nicely. The old fashioned but simple way to retain some say over your wedding photos is to simply ask guests prior to the wedding to send photos to you before sharing. You don’t have to sound mean about this, but simply request that wedding photos are sent to you so you can not only see them before they go viral but also so you can add them to the photos of the day that you have. Friends and family may have taken some fun and fantastic shots and these can be a great addition to the more professional photos from your photographer.

2) Recommend sites/software. Many of your friends and family may use internet sites such as Instagram (an online photo-sharing and social networking service). If they do you, pre-empt the image free for all by setting up a new profile on Instagram solely for your wedding and a hashtag for it which you send to all guests... A dedicated hashtag will ensure all of your wedding images appear in the one place and are easy to find and let guests know they are welcome to take photos and share them this way.

3) Photo booth /props. Many photographers offer a professional photo booth service as an added extra. If you don’t want a full photo booth however we also offer a Photo booth props service including a picture frame, wigs, silly glasses and other props. These can be used by guests to take photos with their cameras or phones making it a fantastic and inexpensive way to get some fun photos of friends and family to add to the wedding day story!


Adding additional sparkle to your Sunny Spanish Wedding!

Friday, 19 December 2014 00:00

As you plan your wedding the big things like booking a band and deciding on a menu can loom large. Obviously these are big decisions and like other major considerations for your Wedding day, should not be taken lightly. Like the babbles on the Christmas tree however it is sometimes the little touches at a wedding which make all the difference. These do not need to be expensive or time consuming but simple things which will make your guests smile and elevate the day from a fun one to a truly memorable occasion. See our ideas below for some of the things which can really add even more magic to your wedding day here in Spain!

Delivery of a gift for your intended on the morning of the wedding. Yes it’s pretty clear by the morning of the wedding that you are marrying the one you love. In the excitement of the last few days before the Big Day however it can actually be hard to spend “alone time” with your other half. A little gift or note that can be delivered to the hotel/apartment where your future husband/wife is getting ready shows the intimacy you share and that you have thought of them, and them alone amid a day of friends, family and celebration. Check with your wedding planner for gifts which work well in Spain.

Photobooth props. These are a selection of silly hats, wigs and glasses and a photo frame. Guests can use them to take fun photos on their cameras or phones to send to you after the wedding. Simple maybe, but as the night continues and the booze flows this is just a brilliant memento of your family and friends who shared your day with you. Ask your wedding planner about renting these from us for your day!

Welcome chalk board at the entrance to the dining area. A message of Welcome and thank you to your guests for sharing the day with you is always appreciated. A simple blackboard can be used and you can write your own personal message that friends and family will appreciate. The Chalk board can also be used later on for messages from family and friends and in conjunction with the Photobooth too! Again ask your planner about renting this.

Spanish fans. The chances are you have chosen Spain partly for a wedding with sunshine. The heat can be unexpected for some guests however so keep everyone cool and give them a keepsake of Spain with a Spanish fan. These come in almost any colour and a range of prices depending on the quality and style you want. Perfect to hand out before the service and great for photos too!

Matching socks (or ties) for the groom and groomsmen. The male members of the wedding party can often feel a bit neglected when it comes to wedding outfits. In addition they may not know you have a prefered colour scheme or theme for your wedding day. Get them on board and co-ordinated by picking out matching ties or socks and ensure they look the part too!


Photographer: Bob Long
Photographer: Bob Long

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