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5 Summer Wedding No-Goes

Monday, 18 August 2014 00:00


No matter if you are a bride or groom-to-be, a wedding guest or  simply working at a wedding the summer heat can be hard to handle. This is especially true here in southern Spain where temperatures in July and August can go up to 35°C +. 



So what can you do to stay cool? 


Here are our five top tips for shining instead of wilting as you soak up the sun......



1. Don’t forget you’re in Spain!

It´s an obvious one but when you choose your dress remember you’re in Southern Spain and things are just a little more laid back than back home. Choosing a light summer dress over a more traditional corset and lace number therefore might just be the way to go! 


2. Men, Don’t wear a three piece suit!

Believe us – you will regret it! Yes, it might look smart and it is a special occasion. We understand. But when standing outside, waiting for the ladies to finish taking photos, you will regret wearing it. So choose wisely and keep the 35°C + in mind!


3. Ladies, Do not forget to bring a fan!

Especially in Southern Spain a fan not only looks fabulous but will keep you cool. An umbrella or even an electronic mini fan are just as useful. Check with your wedding planner for options as most, including us, have suppliers for these and can arrange to have them waiting for you when you arrive at the church. 


4. No walking on sunshine!  
Yes, we understand. Sunshine is great and you’re on holiday. But when trying to enjoy a wedding day in the summer heat, use every opportunity to get in the shade. Even if it’s just walking on the other side of the road to get a couple of minutes in the shade.


5. And last but not least, STAY HYDRATED! 

By hydrated we mean: Drink water. Yes, we all know this. But who wouldn’t rather pick a nice cold beer over water while waiting for the photographer to finish up taking photos after the ceremony? For the sake of the heat however do try and mix it up and don’t forget about water!  

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