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It’s time to suit up!

Thursday, 24 July 2014 00:00

I went to a terrific wedding this past Saturday. Beautiful bride, great food, lots of fun! But what struck me the most was when I got talking to one of the wedding guests. Never in my life have I met a guy who was so crazy about his suit. He absolutely loved it.
It struck me:

Shouldn’t every groom, best men, groomsmen and every wedding guest feel great in their suit? Absolutely!
Why should only girls care about their looks on the Big Day? Men, it is time to man up and SUIT up!

But we know how much you hate spending hours and hours shopping. How much more convenient would it be to just order your suit online and still get the perfect result?

This might resolve your problem!
We are partnering with www.tailor4less.com who make your custom made suit.

Make sure you get a 10% if you are a Spanish Wedding Planner client. Simply contact us for the discount code.
And now, get ready to suit up!   

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