Save money with a Wedding Planner!

Friday, 24 April 2015 00:00

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If your wedding budget is one of your biggest concerns you are not alone. While dresses, decorations and guests lists take time and effort, keeping the costs of your Big Day from cleaning you out is one of the first priorities for most couples. Having a Wedding Planner can seem illogical when you are budgeting therefore because of the cost of hiring a planner the first place. If you are planning to marry here in Spain however a planner can really come into their own, not only with locations, local knowledge, contacts and bargains, but in knowledge of the language.

Bringing an entire wedding together - the guests, the travel, the decorations, the catering, the music, the beauty and the ceremony - is no mean feat and if you and your partner are working you need to think long and hard before taking on the planning alone for a foreign wedding. Because it is what we do on a daily basis we can devote time, effort and love to your Big Day and help you stick to your budget along the way.

It is not always easy to convince confident brides starting out along the self planning path however so we were delighted to see an article in the Daily Mail newspaper this week that mentions having a planner was actually a way of SAVING money. Do check this out along with other money-saving tips which can help you spend your hard earned cash on the parts of your wedding which mean the most to you instead of the ones you feel your “ought” to have!

See what the Daily Mail say below:

"5. DO HIRE A PLANNER: Most people steer clear of wedding planners to save on extra costs but, whilst it may seem counter-intuitive to pay for help, wedding planners have a good network of suppliers, know how much they should be paying for something and aren't afraid of bargaining."

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Love Gifts for your Wedding Day

Friday, 10 April 2015 00:00

Your wedding day started out as YOUR wedding day but somewhere along the line you got caught up with the guest list, the meal choices, the decorations and the logistics of getting your friends and family to Spain. The excitement builds and then you fly out and spend a few days getting the last bits and pieces in place. On the Big Day itself it is easy to feel nervous and a bit overwhelmed. One thing that can really put everything back into perspective is a secret gift for your other half….A little gift or note that can be delivered to the hotel/apartment where your future husband/wife is getting ready shows the intimacy you share and that you have thought of them, and them alone, amid a day of friends, family and celebration.

This does not have to be an expensive or traditional gift but something personal with meaning for the two of you that gives you something private to smile about throughout the day. Check out the ideas below for inspiration:

  • A song that has meaning for you both. OK most of us listen to music on ipods or phones these days but if there’s an old song you both love then find it on vinyl. In particular a 7” can easily be secreted into your suitcase and sent to your fiance with a note on the wedding morning! 


  • Jewellery - there is plenty to choose from but some elegant cufflinks for your man or a pretty bracelet for your wife to be will remind them of the place they hold in your heart. 

  • A Poem or letter - get creative and tell the one you are marrying how they make you feel.


  • Personalised mugs - a fun memento of your day and a sweet way to enjoy your morning coffee together when you get back home!

  • A handmade canvas memory of your day - wow your wife or husband to be with a beautiful token of your Big Day.

Check with your wedding planner for more gifts which work well in Spain to remind your future husband or wife of your love for them on the Big Day!


Wedding Favours - Spanish Style!

Saturday, 04 April 2015 00:00

As the temperature warms up and the 2015 wedding season begins in earnest take a look at some of the fun Spanish favours and items that can add a touch of Spanish culture to your wedding day!


- Spanish fans - personalised or plain these are high quality traditional fans made in Spain by a family run company. Ideal as take home favours and to keep guests cool throughout the day.


- Mini Sangria jugs - Original, cute and o so Spanish. Get personalised jugs for guests to remember your Spanish wedding!


- Cigars -  still great value for money here in Spain and the traditional favour for the men in your party.


- Parasols - a pretty and clever way to keep guests from getting too hot and make sure they have something to pop in their suitcase and take home after your Big day!


- Candy Bar - Sweets are a firm favourite with the Spanish and kiosks selling sweets and ice cream are popular throughout Spain. At a Spanish wedding then what better way to add a bit of sugar to your Wedding in the sun than with a Candy Bar! 

Contact us at Spanish Wedding Planner to find out more about any of the favours featured here. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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