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Friday, 22 May 2015 00:00

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It is a common misconception that, if you tell your wedding planner your overall budget she will try to spend every last penny. The truth however is that in matters of budget we are here to help. One of the ways we do this best is by showing you how to maximise the parts of your wedding which are most important to you and spend less on the parts which matter less. In this blog we look at three key areas which are often important to couples and how you can spend less on others to balance your overall wedding spend.



If you and your friends are party people then what you really want is an amazing celebration with incredible music, lots of dancing and a night to remember. For this a wedding planner really can be key as she will have lots of knowledge and experience of the bands and entertainment available in the area. This means she can not only suggest the best one to suit your budget and ideas but advise on logistical matters too. If you want to party into the night with a great band but some of the venues you like have a “no loud music after midnight” policy then it is vital to know that before you book. In other areas such as catering a planner can suggest ways to minimise the spend on food and drink eg: omitting the sorbet or having a beer, wine and soft drinks only bar.



If you and your loved one want outstanding photos of your day which will last a lifetime there are some incredible photographers out there. Once again it is a good idea to ask your planner about this though as she will know the styles and travel costs of the photographers as well as their prices and any discounts the offer for off season weddings or packages. Your planner can also ensure that the timeline for your day maximises the photographer you’ve paid the money to hire. If you want lots of group photos then you could opt for a longer cocktail time and a simpler/cheaper menu or a DJ instead of a band. This means an overall saving and a chance to get the shots you want.



Food glorious food! - for some the wedding day meal is the most vital area of the day and they want it to be perfect. If you are foodies then don’t leave the food to chance. As your planner about booking a tasting a few months before your wedding to try a selection of dishes and make notes about them too. Send your planner the feedback and make sure the menu is organised and costed out in good time for your wedding. If it’s an important issue it’s far better to have it done in advance than be making last minute tweaks. Save on centres by asking if the caterers will do something simple eg lemons in a vase instead of a more costly floral centre. Ask the photographer if he or she can do a shorter or half day to save on costs there and ask friends to take over for the evening!

If you take time to communicate your priorities to your planner you may be surprised how much you can save and how much fun you can have with your budget too!

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