Lighting up your Big Day!

Friday, 17 July 2015 00:00

You want an amazing wedding day and hope that as guests arrive they will love the decoration at your chosen venue. Despite this you don’t want to spend a fortune on decor - the answer at so many venues is clever lighting. Fairy lights, tree lights, pathway illumination, floating candles and tealights. There are some incredible ways to make your wedding venue look fairy tale beautiful without going over budget. In this week’s blog we look at a few of these to give you ideas on what can add wow to your Wedding day.

Candelabras - if you are going for a classical look and want something different to the traditional floral centrepiece Candelabras can be dramatic way to give a focus and elegance to a dining room setting.


Floating or poolside candles - if your venue has a swimming pool or lake and you are permitted to light it then a flotilla of floating candles bobbing on the water, or a pool framed with candlelight, can turn a beautiful setting into a super romantic one for the evening’s festivities.


String lighting - ideal for pathways or hedges string lighting can not only make your venue fairy tale ready but show guests where to go and show off features you want to accentuate at the venue to perfection.


Candles displays or centrepieces - a great alternative to flowers, Candle displays can highlight areas you want to draw attention to without needing much pre planning or expense.


Net lighting - especially good for inside venues, net lighting can be hung on the wall behind your top table, on curtains, or from balconies to draw the eye to important points in the room or space and add subtle sparkle too!


All of the lighting options and more are available for hire from Spanish Wedding Planner so do ask us for more details and we can send you our decoration packages so you can get planning how you’ll light up your Big Day!

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