Children at your wedding? Make it amazing for them too!

Thursday, 14 May 2015 00:00

Children at your wedding? For some couples it’s an easy decision either because they have children of their own and are happy to invite others to join the fun or because you and your friends don’t have children so it’s not an issue. At most weddings however, unless you specifically state it is adults only, there are usually several children and you need to give some thought to how to cater for them to avoid too much chaos….

The ages of the children and the number coming can vary wildly and it is not always easy to know their personalities and likes and dislikes

Here we look at some of the best options to ensure it’s fun not madness that ensues at your wedding day…

Children’s entertainer - Ask your wedding planner to recommend a good entertainer. The best will come prepared with ideas, games and fun for all the different ages of children at your wedding and may well end up being the “best thing” about the entire wedding for those with children!


Bouncy castle - if your venue has the space and you can rope in a couple of parents to act as monitors then a bouncy castle can be a superb solution for bored children. Kids of all ages love to climb, bounce and jump and if the rental of a castle can also be a fantastic, unique talking point for older guests at your wedding too!

Entertainment bags. A good option if your budget is tight and does not stretch to more costly options. Find out the names and ages of the children coming and ask your wedding planner to put together “Wedding activity bags” of colouring books, toys and simple games to keep them amused during the dinner and speeches…


Craft room - you can set these up either with a professional entertainer who specialises in crafts or if you have a lovely and creative friend who will help out then simply with a table, chairs, your creative friend and lots of great ideas. Little ones will love to scribble and paint while older ones can create presents, cards and games which will keep them happy for hours! Just remember to check with the venue for permission first!


Sports centre/races - Again, if you have a talented friend or dad who is great with little ones this can be a brilliant way to run off energy and ensure kids are supervised AND having a great time at your wedding. Organise games and little prizes etc in advance and ensure there is a range of races and challenges for all ages so all kids feel included. This works especially well in Spain where the weather is on your side for outdoor activities and there is usually some space space at the venue to set up the “track”!

Remember happy kids equals happy parents equals happy wedding for you and all your guests!


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