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Surprise Your Guests!

Thursday, 06 August 2015 00:00

If you want your Spanish wedding to be memorable, good food and a great location are a fantastic way to start. To really add fun and ensure your wedding is unforgettable however, surprising your guests in some way is often the key! In this week's blog we look at fun ways you can delight your guests and bring even more magic to your Big Day. There are lots of possibilities, and you know your guests better than most, so this is a brilliant opportunity to show your playful side or showcase a hobby or activity you love. See some of our favourite ideas below:

Paraglide as a wedding couple - this is not for the faint hearted but if you are both brave and really want to impress your guests why not take off for a paraglide? Sarah and Derek who married with us back in 2013 did just that - in their wedding outfits!!! 


Fun Dance - this can be an incredible way to start your married life - amazing your family and friends with a special dance you have rehearsed and really showing the world you and your loved one are a team!

Crazy favours - back in the old days wedding favours meant a little bag of sugared almonds. Now though the internet and your wedding planner offer an incredible range of favours. Thoughtful favours can carry on the theme of your wedding and give the people who travelled to share your day something special to to keep and take home. 

Silly Hats/clothing - at Christmas putting in the silly hat that comes out of your cracker seems to add to the festive spirit and sense of togetherness. Similarly providing some fun hats for your guests or asking all the guys to wear funny socks can sound a bit lame but if it creates a talking point and adds a sense of fun and laughter to your day it can bring people together and makes for great photos too!

Photo challenge - if capturing the spirit of your day is a major issue for you then getting your guests involved can be a clever way to add to the professional photos from your photographer and get some otherwise never seen images from your day. A board like this can inspire guests and keep them talking about your wedding long after the dancing has ended….


Don't be afraid to express yourselves and show your guests you care too!



Free the Bar!

Friday, 24 July 2015 00:00

Speaking from experience one of the things most appreciated by guests at a wedding is an open bar. This presents a problem however if you don't have the budget to provide one or, for whatever reason, you want to limit or tailor your guests' alcohol more specifically. This is not a killjoy strategy but one if handled carefully can make your wedding more successful than ever! In this week's blog we look at fun ways to ring the changes and free the bar from the usual spirits, mixers, beers, wine, and soft drinks. This means while you may be limiting their choices, you’re doing it in a creative way that adds to the fun and excitement.

A wedding cocktail - providing an entire cocktail bar can be pricey and impractical, but you can offer a more limited range of drinks and have a special wedding cocktail. This can be a favourite of yours or something made especially for your Wedding day.


Drinks stations - instead of a free bar another idea becoming popular in the States is drinks stations. Guests can move between different locations to sample different beverages such as wines, craft beers, cordials, or even different whiskies. These types of different drink stations are a good way to let guests peek into your personal tastes, with the added bonus of helping you keep your bar budget in check.


Themed drinks eg sangria. You’ve come all the way to Spain to celebrate your Big Day so why not incorporate a local drink into your wedding? Instead of serving spirits offer guests different Sangrias - red, white or pink - to add fun and local flavour to the evening!


Naughty nibbles. Instead of a full open bar you can offer a limited one - wine, beer and soft drinks - yet add to the memorableness of the evening by providing unusual nibbles or late night snacks. THis is an especially good idea if you are a “foodie” as it is another area you can be creative with. Late night Spanish Tapas - tortilla, olives, bread, cheese and meats, a Candy Bar, or a wide selection of sandwiches or hot snacks - if you design it most caterers will be happy to make it!

It's your wedding - mix it up your way!


Lighting up your Big Day!

Friday, 17 July 2015 00:00

You want an amazing wedding day and hope that as guests arrive they will love the decoration at your chosen venue. Despite this you don’t want to spend a fortune on decor - the answer at so many venues is clever lighting. Fairy lights, tree lights, pathway illumination, floating candles and tealights. There are some incredible ways to make your wedding venue look fairy tale beautiful without going over budget. In this week’s blog we look at a few of these to give you ideas on what can add wow to your Wedding day.

Candelabras - if you are going for a classical look and want something different to the traditional floral centrepiece Candelabras can be dramatic way to give a focus and elegance to a dining room setting.


Floating or poolside candles - if your venue has a swimming pool or lake and you are permitted to light it then a flotilla of floating candles bobbing on the water, or a pool framed with candlelight, can turn a beautiful setting into a super romantic one for the evening’s festivities.


String lighting - ideal for pathways or hedges string lighting can not only make your venue fairy tale ready but show guests where to go and show off features you want to accentuate at the venue to perfection.


Candles displays or centrepieces - a great alternative to flowers, Candle displays can highlight areas you want to draw attention to without needing much pre planning or expense.


Net lighting - especially good for inside venues, net lighting can be hung on the wall behind your top table, on curtains, or from balconies to draw the eye to important points in the room or space and add subtle sparkle too!


All of the lighting options and more are available for hire from Spanish Wedding Planner so do ask us for more details and we can send you our decoration packages so you can get planning how you’ll light up your Big Day!


Instead of flowers...

Friday, 26 June 2015 00:00

For some brides a bridal bouquet is an integral part of the Big Day and their wedding would not be complete without a bouquet and floral decoration. However, if flowers aren't your thing, you are allergic to certain pollens or flowers , or you haven't got big money to spend in blooms there are other options.

Spanish fans: Fans are very much a part of the tradition and culture in Southern Spain so carrying a special bridal fan and not a bouquet is a great way to change things up from a traditional bouquet. There are still plenty of small family run companies making incredible ornate fans that work brilliantly as you walk up the aisle so you can choose from lots of colours and styles. Fans usually work out cheaper than bouquets and come in a range of colours so you can coordinate bridesmaids fans with your colour scheme and carry on the fan decoration at your reception venue. Ask your planner for prices and examples.


A book: In years gone by brides sometimes carried a prayer book as they walked into the church. Nowadays though you can buck the bouquet trend AND add special meaning to your wedding by carrying a book which has meaning to you and your fiance. If you have a special poem or novel which means something to you and your story then why not use this instead of bouquet?


A wedding purse: This is not just a great to carry a couple of essential or meaningful items but because you really can go to town to make this match your dress and outfit. You can have the purse made of pretty much any material in any colour, add smaller versions for your bridesmaids and, if you have a close family member who can’t be with you on the day, carry a memento of them with you in your purse so can be with you in spirit.


A wedding broach or piece of jewellery: This can be a long-lasting alternative to a wedding bouquet and something which leaves your hands free too! There are some great jewellery designers who will design something to suit your ideas or you can shop around online to find something off the peg to suit your colour scheme, style and budget.

Remember - ultimately it’s your day and if you don’t want flowers then there are alternatives!


What to look for in a wedding planner!

Friday, 19 June 2015 00:00

It may be a strange topic for a wedding planner to broach but there is no doubt finding a good wedding planner is vital if you are going to entrust your Big Day to someone. Not all wedding planners are created equal so if you are paying for a planner make sure you know what to look for in the best.

Long established - we are the longest established wedding company in Spain. A good planner should have worked in the business for several years or be able to tell you what makes her previous experience relevant to wedding planning if she is a relative new comer.

Experience - when it comes to planning and executing a wedding, experience really does count. Check with your planner how many weddings she has done and, if in doubt, ask for testimonials from couples who have used her services in the past.

Variety of suppliers and products. We think we offer the best variety for suppliers and decoration but a good planner should be able to offer you a choice of suppliers such as photographers and be able to suggest great ideas for decoration, favours and flowers etc which will work well at your venue and with the suppliers and wedding date you have chosen.

The way the planner works. We use a great wedding planning software to make the planning easier and documented and this also provides you with a wedding website to make it easier for your guests. Even if your planner does not use a particular software she should be organised and have systems in place so your wedding requests and choices are noted and reflected in your budget.

Love of the job - this is hard to quantify but really why would you want to hire a wedding planner who does not love what she does!

Happy planning!



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