Free the Bar!

Friday, 24 July 2015 00:00

Speaking from experience one of the things most appreciated by guests at a wedding is an open bar. This presents a problem however if you don't have the budget to provide one or, for whatever reason, you want to limit or tailor your guests' alcohol more specifically. This is not a killjoy strategy but one if handled carefully can make your wedding more successful than ever! In this week's blog we look at fun ways to ring the changes and free the bar from the usual spirits, mixers, beers, wine, and soft drinks. This means while you may be limiting their choices, you’re doing it in a creative way that adds to the fun and excitement.

A wedding cocktail - providing an entire cocktail bar can be pricey and impractical, but you can offer a more limited range of drinks and have a special wedding cocktail. This can be a favourite of yours or something made especially for your Wedding day.


Drinks stations - instead of a free bar another idea becoming popular in the States is drinks stations. Guests can move between different locations to sample different beverages such as wines, craft beers, cordials, or even different whiskies. These types of different drink stations are a good way to let guests peek into your personal tastes, with the added bonus of helping you keep your bar budget in check.


Themed drinks eg sangria. You’ve come all the way to Spain to celebrate your Big Day so why not incorporate a local drink into your wedding? Instead of serving spirits offer guests different Sangrias - red, white or pink - to add fun and local flavour to the evening!


Naughty nibbles. Instead of a full open bar you can offer a limited one - wine, beer and soft drinks - yet add to the memorableness of the evening by providing unusual nibbles or late night snacks. THis is an especially good idea if you are a “foodie” as it is another area you can be creative with. Late night Spanish Tapas - tortilla, olives, bread, cheese and meats, a Candy Bar, or a wide selection of sandwiches or hot snacks - if you design it most caterers will be happy to make it!

It's your wedding - mix it up your way!

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