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2015 Spanish Wedding Trends

Tuesday, 03 February 2015 00:00

A New Year has begun and with the New Year, new trends and inspirations for weddings both in Spain and elsewhere. We count down the five trends and looks set to be big this season AND how you can work these into your own Spanish Wedding!

  • Vintage British
    With the continued success of Downtown Abbey vintage British continues to be popular with brides both in the States and elsewhere. The look is exemplified by a few elegant vintage pieces and especially suited to the more relaxed, al fresco dining which is much more popular and possible here in Spain. Vintage lace table cloths are available from online retailers such as Amazon while we have vintage lace sashes and centrepieces you can rent or even a vintage package to make things simple!

  • Unusual invitations
    Invitations are one of the places you can really let your personalities shine and not only make them relevant to your wedding theme and colours but also to the two of you. Personalised invitations including dried flowers, buttons, ribbons or personal items or photos are set to be popular and there are some great Wedding Stationary companies who will help you design unique invitations and give you ideas to help you along. Alternatively if you are creative you can design your own using tools such as Microsoft Word or Publisher.
  • Value added Engagement shoots
    Engagement photo shoots have been popular for a while and photographers usually offer these at a special price when you book them as part of your wedding day package. While popular for home weddings they really come into their own for Spanish brides, as an engagement shoot can be combined with a visit here to do the tasting adding value to the trip. This works out as even more of a saving if you then use the photos from the shoot to make your Save the Dates and Invitations even more personal with images from this. As an added bonus it also helps you get to know your photographer and get more from your wedding day photos too!
    See one of our successful engagement shoots here feature Emma and Chris who married in September 2014, with photographer, Pierre Richardson.

  • Memento moments for your guests
    For the family and friends who have come to Spain to be with you on your special day a Caricature artist who does portraits of the guests can be a brilliant way to give them an extra special memento of you wedding. This works best for small parties due to time constraints, but if you are a big group why not have a caricature of the two of you done in advance and have guests sign this instead of a Wedding day guest book? Simple and fun!
  • Pastel palettes
    For cakes, flowers and dresses the colours still exciting this year’s brides are the softer, more romantic ones – light blues, peaches, mint and even grey which is particularly big for Wedding cakes! Incorporate these into your Spanish Wedding with pastel chair ties, (ask your co-ordinator for a list of shades), and delicately shaded bouquets and centrepieces. They all go brilliantly with our white Chavari chairs and you can create a look that is entirely you own!


Spanish Wedding Planner at the CityWest Wedding Journal Show - Dublin!

Saturday, 03 January 2015 00:00

Come and meet us at the CityWest Wedding Fair, Dublin!

Following on from the success of last year, Spanish Wedding Planner is excited to announce we will be at the Citywest Wedding Journal show in Dublin again this month.

The show is now a two day event on 10th and 11th January at the Citywest Complex. Widely recognised as Ireland´s best Wedding Fair, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet us, wander around the stalls and get some amazing ideas for your Big Day!

This is a great chance to meet us at Spanish Wedding Planner, have a chat and ask any questions you have. We can also tell you more about venues, suppliers and ourselves too! We are on Stand C19.

Appointments are booking up fast though so please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make a time with us to be sure of a booking.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Adding additional sparkle to your Sunny Spanish Wedding!

Friday, 19 December 2014 00:00

As you plan your wedding the big things like booking a band and deciding on a menu can loom large. Obviously these are big decisions and like other major considerations for your Wedding day, should not be taken lightly. Like the babbles on the Christmas tree however it is sometimes the little touches at a wedding which make all the difference. These do not need to be expensive or time consuming but simple things which will make your guests smile and elevate the day from a fun one to a truly memorable occasion. See our ideas below for some of the things which can really add even more magic to your wedding day here in Spain!

Delivery of a gift for your intended on the morning of the wedding. Yes it’s pretty clear by the morning of the wedding that you are marrying the one you love. In the excitement of the last few days before the Big Day however it can actually be hard to spend “alone time” with your other half. A little gift or note that can be delivered to the hotel/apartment where your future husband/wife is getting ready shows the intimacy you share and that you have thought of them, and them alone amid a day of friends, family and celebration. Check with your wedding planner for gifts which work well in Spain.

Photobooth props. These are a selection of silly hats, wigs and glasses and a photo frame. Guests can use them to take fun photos on their cameras or phones to send to you after the wedding. Simple maybe, but as the night continues and the booze flows this is just a brilliant memento of your family and friends who shared your day with you. Ask your wedding planner about renting these from us for your day!

Welcome chalk board at the entrance to the dining area. A message of Welcome and thank you to your guests for sharing the day with you is always appreciated. A simple blackboard can be used and you can write your own personal message that friends and family will appreciate. The Chalk board can also be used later on for messages from family and friends and in conjunction with the Photobooth too! Again ask your planner about renting this.

Spanish fans. The chances are you have chosen Spain partly for a wedding with sunshine. The heat can be unexpected for some guests however so keep everyone cool and give them a keepsake of Spain with a Spanish fan. These come in almost any colour and a range of prices depending on the quality and style you want. Perfect to hand out before the service and great for photos too!

Matching socks (or ties) for the groom and groomsmen. The male members of the wedding party can often feel a bit neglected when it comes to wedding outfits. In addition they may not know you have a prefered colour scheme or theme for your wedding day. Get them on board and co-ordinated by picking out matching ties or socks and ensure they look the part too!


Photographer: Bob Long
Photographer: Bob Long

Christmas is coming - get canny about it!

Tuesday, 09 December 2014 00:00


At risk of stating the obvious – Christmas is coming! There are presents to buy, cards to send, parties and social events to attend, relatives to visit and food to buy and prepare and this is quite aside from all the everyday things which also need doing! It is no surprise therefore that Christmas can seem a frenetic time and the idea of getting a chance to do anything for your Wedding just seems laughable... It is also no surprise to find that research** reveals that women often take on the lion’s share of Christmas preparation and as with weddings, men often take more of a back seat....

Faced with Christmas to plan as well as a wedding therefore even the most disciplined of brides can feel daunted; and it is usual to put your wedding on the back burner for a few weeks while the festivities take place. If you are canny however you can not only benefit from the fun over Christmas but ALSO put all those social occasions and dinners with relatives to good use for your Big Day too! In the long run this can save time and stress nearer to your wedding day and add to the enjoyment you get over Christmas when meeting up with friends and family.

While some wedding day tasks are very much personal choices – eg: flowers, music, ceremony – there are a couple which you NEED to ask friends and family about. Asking people about these over the Christmas period can save a lot of toing and froing nearer to your wedding. The most important of these is the choice of main meal on your wedding day. Wedding venues in Spain do not offer a choice on the wedding day itself so if you are planning to offer both a meat and a fish main to guests, Christmas is the ideal time to start asking people for their decisions. If you keep a note of them now it can save having to phone or email everyone again nearer the time.

If you are planning to meet with your bridesmaids, the festive season can also be a good time to discuss dresses and finalise plans for accessories – shoes, hair, jewellery – while everyone is together and you can check there will be no major clashes in style or colours.

And finally and perhaps most vital of all, Christmas can be a time to steal some time away with your intended. Amid the seasonal excess and partying some alone time to chat and relax can be the best gift of all over Christmas and remind you of the reason why you are getting married in the first place – because you love them....

** Christmas Day survey conducted by Travelodge in 2013.


5 Summer Wedding No-Goes

Monday, 18 August 2014 00:00


No matter if you are a bride or groom-to-be, a wedding guest or  simply working at a wedding the summer heat can be hard to handle. This is especially true here in southern Spain where temperatures in July and August can go up to 35°C +. 



So what can you do to stay cool? 


Here are our five top tips for shining instead of wilting as you soak up the sun......



1. Don’t forget you’re in Spain!

It´s an obvious one but when you choose your dress remember you’re in Southern Spain and things are just a little more laid back than back home. Choosing a light summer dress over a more traditional corset and lace number therefore might just be the way to go! 


2. Men, Don’t wear a three piece suit!

Believe us – you will regret it! Yes, it might look smart and it is a special occasion. We understand. But when standing outside, waiting for the ladies to finish taking photos, you will regret wearing it. So choose wisely and keep the 35°C + in mind!


3. Ladies, Do not forget to bring a fan!

Especially in Southern Spain a fan not only looks fabulous but will keep you cool. An umbrella or even an electronic mini fan are just as useful. Check with your wedding planner for options as most, including us, have suppliers for these and can arrange to have them waiting for you when you arrive at the church. 


4. No walking on sunshine!  
Yes, we understand. Sunshine is great and you’re on holiday. But when trying to enjoy a wedding day in the summer heat, use every opportunity to get in the shade. Even if it’s just walking on the other side of the road to get a couple of minutes in the shade.


5. And last but not least, STAY HYDRATED! 

By hydrated we mean: Drink water. Yes, we all know this. But who wouldn’t rather pick a nice cold beer over water while waiting for the photographer to finish up taking photos after the ceremony? For the sake of the heat however do try and mix it up and don’t forget about water!  


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