Wine Bottle Inspiration for your Wedding!

Friday, 23 October 2015 00:00

You are probably planning to have wine at your wedding. What you may not be planning (yet!) however is all the incredible things you can do with wine bottles to make your Big Day decoration even bigger and better! In this week’s blog we look at five fantastic ideas using wine bottles that you can do even on a shoestring budget. (As an added bonus you even get to drink the contents before using the bottles!).

Twine decorated bottles. Simple to create, effective and easy to do in a colour and style to fit with your wedding theme. These can add an additional wow to your Top Table or Candy station or even stand alone as a beautiful addition to your reception decor.

Chalkboard bottles. Instead of a chalkboard or sign at the entrance of the dining area try these chalkboard decorated wine bottles for a fun twist on the still-popular Chalkboard trend.

Personalised wine. Now for this idea you can’t drink the contents, but personalised wine bottles are still a fantastic and relatively unusual way to go. Ask your wedding planner to organise this with a Spanish company in good time for your wedding day and you will be able to get a good price on regional wine to add to the Spanish flavour of your Big Day!

Table number wine rack. We’ve all seen Table number wine bottles in the centre of tables but this is a new take on the idea with a Wine rack table plan showing guests where each table is in the room! Fun and great for a rustic themed, relaxed wedding day in the sun.



Wine bottle guest “book”. Guest books are great but why not take it one step further by buying some special wine (or champagne) for your guests to sign when they arrive at the reception. Unlike guest books which are rarely opened and read once your wedding day has ended you can display your “guest book bottles” back home and create a fun talking point too!



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