Spanish Wedding Cakes - a handy guide!

Friday, 27 March 2015 00:00

If someone asks you to picture a wedding cake what do you think of? If you are from Ireland, the UK or the United States the chances are you picture a fruit cake of several tiers decorated with royal icing. Different countries and cultures have very different ideas of a wedding cake however.

In China couples do not have one single cake but lots of small ones known as “Bridal Cakes”. Although the actual number of these differs according to how large the wedding is they are always served in pairs to emphasize the fact that two people are becoming one. Caterers there use many different kinds of pastry including egg pastry, lotus seed pastry and even mung bean pastry!



In the Scandinavian countries of northern Europe wedding cakes are not made of fruit or sponge but a large number of almond flavoured pastries, a bit like macaroons, which form a circular tower. Known as Kransakaka the centre is sometimes filled with chocolate, biscuits or even a bottle of wine or aquavit – the popular Scandinavian spirit!

Here in Spain while the traditional is still for one single wedding cake there are some important differences. Spanish Wedding Cakes are not fruit cakes but more like English/Irish birthday cakes with sponge and a cream filling. The traditional flavour is Nougat and custard cream with almond nougat, custard cream, cream, toasted egg yolk (like Tiramisu). In recent years however chocolate Wedding cakes or fruit flavours have also become very popular and most venues offer a range of flavours.

Typical choices include:
Nougat and custard cream - almond nougat, custard cream, cream, toasted egg yolk (like Tiramisu)
Montblanc - Truffle, cream, custard cream and white chocolate icing
Double Chocolate Truffle - chocolate and whipped truffle
Chocolate with Cream
Sponge with cream and Fruits of the forest filling

While Spanish Wedding cakes do not always have the iconic power of a traditional wedding cake they are extremely tasty and almost always extremely popular with guests! They also serve to bring a little Spanish flavour to your wedding which after all is here in Spain!

See some great examples below from weddings and venues we use and feel free to check with us re: flavours too!





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