Wedding Day Details - the value of a planner part 2!

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 00:00

It was not our intention to start a series of articles on the subject but sometimes life is just too incredible to avoid it! Last week we shared the story of a wedding which could have ended in disaster had the couple not had a planner and again this week we have another behind the scenes snippet for you! 

As the bride and groom you want to enjoy your wedding day to the full, but you also want to ensure that all your family and friends, who have travelled to be with you, have a fantastic time too. But what happens if they need help on the wedding day? You don ́t want to ignore them but equally you can ́t always stop everything and rush to their aid... This is where, as wedding planners we step in again. At a wedding this week the sun shone, the cava was sparkling and the couple were on cloud nine. But that was not the case for one poor guest who starting feeling very ill indeed. She (the guest) did not want to bother the bride on her Big Day but equally needed to get back to the hotel and fast.
Our wedding planner discreetly informed the venue staff and the best man, drove the guest back to her hotel and gave her a contact number for an English speaking doctor. When told of the incident later that night the bride admitted that, caught up in the whirl of events, she had not even noticed her guest was off colour and would not have known what to do if told earlier in the day.

Obviously we are biased but the anecdote does illustrate that wedding planners are not only there to organise the big things for your wedding day but also to take care of the small details which turn a good wedding into a really great one where both you AND your guests have the best day possible......

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