Table Plans - the pros and Cons

Saturday, 28 February 2015 00:00


Amid the big decisions about your wedding day, who is going to sit where, can seem just one more detail among many. In the busy few weeks before your Big Day creating a plan for all guests can seem time consuming and overly formal. Because of this many couples are opting for no seating plan or just a top table list and a request for guests to sit where they wish. If your wedding is a small and/or simple affair and both your families get on well this can add to the atmosphere and fun of your reception. However it is not always the simplest option for all weddings.

Even if you favour a relaxed approach therefore it can be worth thinking things through before doing away with your plan. If nothing else the one thing you should definitely do is to speak to your planner about the regulations at your venue. Check the minimum and maximum number of guests that can be seated per table, what shape the tables will be and if there is any restriction on the number of tables you can have for your guests numbers. This will not only help you make your final decision if you want a set table plan or not but also save you hours remaking the plan if you made it before taking these into account!

Whatever your wedding style therefore it can truly save both time and trouble to talk through the issue with your partner or parents and your planner. Here we look at the pros and cons of having a table plan and what you need to ask your planner before you start making yours:

Pros of NOT having a seating plan:
Less work for you and your fiancé
More relaxed feel to your wedding meal as family and friends chose where to sit.

Cons of NOT having a seating plan
Not permitted at some venues if you are offering a choice of main courses.
Potential problems if you have family or friends who do not get on.
No say over who is nearest to the top table – ie close family members may end up at the back!

Pros of having a seating plan
Having tables organised according to who knows each other and will get on well
Avoiding potential problems with difficult family members or friends
Keeping your wedding theme and colours going with the table plan and place names
Essential at many venues if you are offering a choice of starters and/or main meals.

Cons of having a seating plan
More formal
More work for you in making it.


It's your day and your decision but make sure you think it through! 



2015 Spanish Wedding Trends

Tuesday, 03 February 2015 00:00

A New Year has begun and with the New Year, new trends and inspirations for weddings both in Spain and elsewhere. We count down the five trends and looks set to be big this season AND how you can work these into your own Spanish Wedding!

  • Vintage British
    With the continued success of Downtown Abbey vintage British continues to be popular with brides both in the States and elsewhere. The look is exemplified by a few elegant vintage pieces and especially suited to the more relaxed, al fresco dining which is much more popular and possible here in Spain. Vintage lace table cloths are available from online retailers such as Amazon while we have vintage lace sashes and centrepieces you can rent or even a vintage package to make things simple!

  • Unusual invitations
    Invitations are one of the places you can really let your personalities shine and not only make them relevant to your wedding theme and colours but also to the two of you. Personalised invitations including dried flowers, buttons, ribbons or personal items or photos are set to be popular and there are some great Wedding Stationary companies who will help you design unique invitations and give you ideas to help you along. Alternatively if you are creative you can design your own using tools such as Microsoft Word or Publisher.
  • Value added Engagement shoots
    Engagement photo shoots have been popular for a while and photographers usually offer these at a special price when you book them as part of your wedding day package. While popular for home weddings they really come into their own for Spanish brides, as an engagement shoot can be combined with a visit here to do the tasting adding value to the trip. This works out as even more of a saving if you then use the photos from the shoot to make your Save the Dates and Invitations even more personal with images from this. As an added bonus it also helps you get to know your photographer and get more from your wedding day photos too!
    See one of our successful engagement shoots here feature Emma and Chris who married in September 2014, with photographer, Pierre Richardson.

  • Memento moments for your guests
    For the family and friends who have come to Spain to be with you on your special day a Caricature artist who does portraits of the guests can be a brilliant way to give them an extra special memento of you wedding. This works best for small parties due to time constraints, but if you are a big group why not have a caricature of the two of you done in advance and have guests sign this instead of a Wedding day guest book? Simple and fun!
  • Pastel palettes
    For cakes, flowers and dresses the colours still exciting this year’s brides are the softer, more romantic ones – light blues, peaches, mint and even grey which is particularly big for Wedding cakes! Incorporate these into your Spanish Wedding with pastel chair ties, (ask your co-ordinator for a list of shades), and delicately shaded bouquets and centrepieces. They all go brilliantly with our white Chavari chairs and you can create a look that is entirely you own!


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