Make Valentine's Day count!

Thursday, 12 February 2015 00:00

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With all the adverts and promotions over the last couple of weeks it can be hard to ignore Valentine's day. Traditionally the day when you could declare your love anonymously to another via a simple card it has become a chance for companies to promote all sorts of things on the back of the occasion. The chances are however that if you are planning a wedding either here in Spain or elsewhere you have already found your other half and are not fooled by the Valentines day sales patter. What can be vital as as the planning heats up and work and life keep you busy is not something you can buy but instead some time with your partner.

In this respect Valentines day can be a great reminder to spend quality time together talking about the stuff which matters most to you both. Research shows that couples planning a wedding are often simultaneously moving house, planning children, changing jobs or in the midst of other big and time consuming life events.

So this Valentine's day triumph in romance and wedding planning spending some time together looking at special touches for the day together. This is a win win plan as you can use the money you save in Valentines towards incredible wedding items. Tuno guitarists make a lasting impression and are not much more than an elegant dinner for two. Fireworks are a beautiful way to add wow to your wedding for much the same price as a romantic weekend away! Alternatively an extra special wine or sorbet course are a small supplement on your menu choice.

Whatever you decide Valentine's day can give you a chance to spend time together. Share a bottle of (Spanish!) wine and talk about wedding plans... Amid a busy schedule it can be the best gift of all.


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