Honeymoon in Spain - five reasons why it’s a great idea!

Friday, 12 June 2015 00:00

Photo credit: www.honeymoonbeat.com

You´ve come out to Spain for your special day so why make things complicated- stay on for your honeymoon and save time money and stress. See below for five good reasons to have your honeymoon in Spain:

1) Save money. Let´s face it getting married is not cheap. By the time you have paid for your dress, ceremony, music, flights and food and drink for your special day you have usually spent a considerable sum on money. One of the great ways you can save in the long run is by combining your Big Day with your Big holiday - your honeymoon. You can save on flights by staying on in Spain instead of flying back home and off again to a different destination and hotels and venues will often offer special deals for honeymooning couples if you’ve held the wedding there.

2) Save hassle. If you´ve already hired a wedding planner for your Big Day, tap into her expertise and wisdom by asking her to help with your honeymoon too. You can save time and find great deals by asking your wedding planner to help book all or parts of your Spanish honeymoon meaning you have less worry and organisation and more time to enjoy yourselves!

3) Find out more about the area you got married in. The chances are that one of the main reasons you got married in Spain was because you wanted sunshine on your wedding day. There is much more to Spain than just blue skies and tapas though. Staying on after your wedding can give you a chance to explore the history and culture of the area where you got married. There are world famous monuments such as the Alhambra in Granada but also fascinating museums, gardens, ruins, caves and castles. Finding out more can give your decision to marry in Spain a additional depth and meaning and even more memories too!

4) Find out more about a completely different area of Spain. Now you´re in Spain it´s much easier to go further afield and not only explore the area where you married but completely different parts of Spain too. Visit the incredible cities of Madrid and Barcelona, explore historic Toledo, take off walking in the Alpujjaran mountains or get away from it all in Asturias’ incredible countryside. You´be surprised how diverse Spain is!

5) Banish logistical headaches! You and your loved one are in Spain - so stay in Spain. Instead of flying back, unpacking and repacking for a different honeymoon stay on and get a chance to completely unwind and spend time the one you love. After all that´s why you got married….

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