Five ways to make YOUR wedding day incredible!

Friday, 29 May 2015 00:00

As hard as you try it is impossible to predict or control all aspects of your wedding day. Guests will cancel at the last minute or get impossibly drunk at the reception. An road accident can delay traffic and the arrival of your guests, or a cold can leave you feeling less than awesome. Strange as it sounds however, very few things can detract from your wedding day happiness unless you decide to let them. In this week’s blog we look at five ways you can make the most of your day regardless of others.

  1. Be in the moment. So much of our life passes without us fully being aware of it. Make sure your wedding day isn’t one of those days. Stop at odd moments during the day to simply enjoy being the bride and having friends and family around you to share the day.
  2. Don’t rush conversations. It’s easy to end up playing the role of party hostess at your wedding and rushing round trying to fit in a chat with everyone. Instead of flitting from one thing to the next take time to engage fully in conversations and go with the flow until a natural break.
  3. Remember to eat breakfast! With pre-ceremony nerves and hair and beauty to do it’s tempting to skip breakfast entirely or trade it for glass of champagne. Feeling dizzy and light-headed through your ceremony however can distract you from the actual “I do” and leave you craving food just as the photos get started. If you can’t manage a big breakfast try a small bowl of porridge, some yoghurt and fruit or a protein bar.
  4. Leave the organising to your wedding planner! Your planner is there to make the day less stressful for you. Relax and let her do the running and the organising. She has the experience and the contacts to be able to do this and is at your day as a professional.
  5. Remember perfection is over-rated! Life is rarely perfect and the chances are something will not go entirely to plan on your Big Day. Don’t see a minor hiccup as a disaster but instead turn it into a funny story or reminder that despite all the ups and downs you and your fiance have made it this far and will continue to defeat life’s challenges together!

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