Before you get into your Wedding Dress - the essential checklist!

Friday, 09 October 2015 00:00

On the morning of your Big Day you are likely to be nervous. After long months of planning and organisation THE day has finally arrived. It is all too easy therefore to get a bit flustered or forget the simple things you should do prior getting into your Wedding dress. Never fear however because Spanish Wedding Planner is here with a go-to check list of things you should do BEFORE slipping on THAT dress...!

1) Moisturise - It sounds silly but soft, moisturised skin will give you an additional boost on your wedding day and, if you match the moisturiser to your perfume, make your chosen scent last longer. Just be sure to rub it in well and leave plenty of time before putting on your dress to avoid greasy marks!

2) Don't forget to eat - a fainting bride is not a good look! You may not feel very hungry but there's going to be several hours until you eat again and you don't want to spend the day feeling light-headed and hungry as that can really put a damper on your spirits!

3) Brush your teeth - you are going to spend a lot of time smiling and chatting to people during the day so the last thing you need is dragon-breath! Give your teeth a through clean before your ceremony, floss and use a mouth wash or spray for extra freshness.

4) Go to the loo! In the excitement it is easy to forget the call of nature until you are laced into a complicated dress or even standing at the altar. Before you get dressed make sure you use the bathroom and then go easy on the caffinated drinks and alcohol before the ceremony or concentrating on your vows can be tricky!

5) Take a few deep breaths. It is your day. You've dreamed, planned and organised and now your are here. Take a few moments to appreciate the pre-wedding time, remember the friends and family who have travelled to be with you, and why you are doing this - for love! Then go - have an amazing day!

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