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Jardines La Cartuja

Valencia , El Puig

Historical Spanish hacienda

La Cartuja dates from the 17th Century and is protected by the Valencian government for its historical and cultural characteristics. It is in the country outskirts of the medieval town of El Puig, just 10 km north of the city of Valencia and 3km inland from the beach.

A walk through the Renaissancegardens is peaceful and elegant, amidst traditional private surroundings. You can imagine yourself with cocktail in hand next to the swan lake with the renaissance monastery behind you, as a perfect romantic scene.

During your reception you can enjoy a tranquil countrysunset over the dome of La Cartuja, although you can be back in the night-life in the city within 20 min. Menus get a balanced combination of authentic cuisine with full flavor and we ensure you and your guests will have an unforgettable time here.

After dinner and drinks, you can dance the night away in several of the unique dance areas. 

Venue information

Capacity: 100 - 400 guests
Accommodation: No
Curfew: Lunch: 12 to 18 & Dinner: 20 to 3-5
Closest Airport: Valencia
Location: Valencia, El Puig

Coastal Outdoor dining Garden Classic

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