Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Beauty is not just about the hair and makeup but encompasses so much more. A bride needs to feel relaxed, confident and gorgeous. The object of any wedding beauty treatment is to maximize natural beauty, encourage health and allow a bride to feel great about herself.

The beauty services that you choose will depend on your budget, your needs and your comfort zone. Set a wedding beauty budget early on and begin selecting your beauty professionals at least six months before your wedding. Sooner, if your wedding is during a peak season. Decide who will participate in the beauty services. Many brides include their bridal party, mothers and the groom’s mother in pre-wedding beauty sessions.

Make-Up Artist

It is always a good idea to allow someone else to do your makeup on the day of your wedding. Choosing a make-up artist should be done very carefully. A pre-wedding day visit to your make up artist will ensure that you get your makeup right on your wedding day. Make-up can be natural or dramatic depending on your wedding theme, dress and personal style. Be sure to discuss any allergies that you have with your make-up artist beforehand as well as whether or not you want only chemical-free organic makeup. Many make-up artists will come to you on the day of your wedding and offer services for the entire bridal party. Choose a mobile artist if you have a very large bridal party.

Hair Stylists

As with your makeup, it is always a good idea to experiment with hairstyles before the wedding day. This includes any changes you wish to make to your color or style. While some brides need a special hairstyle for their wedding day to accommodate a veil or other headpiece, others go for a more traditional or natural look. The best thing to do is to collect photos from magazines or on the Internet and take them to your hairstylist so that she can give them a try.

Hair Tips

  • Choose a hairstyle that compliments your dress neckline
  • Choose your hairstyle before you choose your headdress or veil.
  • Consider hair extensions for volume and length.
  • Get your hair into great shape prior to your wedding by eating right and using non-toxic/organic products.
  • Try the products that you will use on your wedding day well to be sure that you do not have a reaction to them.
  • Do not wash your hair the night before or the day of the wedding.
  • If you color your hair have it touched up two weeks before the wedding.

Nail Salons

Brides should visit the nail salon at least a month before the wedding for a service trial. Professional nail artists will be able to make suggestions regarding color and style according to the wedding theme, dress style and brides existing nails. A pedicure and a manicure the day before the wedding is a fun outing for the entire wedding party.

Spa Treatments

Most spas offer an extensive menu of body loving treatments. Many brides are turning to the spa for pre wedding beauty pampering perfect for reducing stress and anxiety. Bridal parties often visit the spa before the wedding ceremony as a fun and relaxing pre-wedding activity. Popular spa treatment services include:



-Hot Stone Rubs

-Body Wraps

-Body Scrubs

Other Popular Wedding Beauty Treatments


-Nail Extensions

-Teeth Whitening


-Mud Baths

-Cellulite Wraps


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