Paperwork only service

Spanish Wedding Planner can assist you with all of your Catholic and civil paperwork. 

Catholic Ceremony
Catholic marriages are deemed valid under Spanish Law, and are thus recognized legally in Europe and the United States.  Your wedding coordinator will guide you through the legal process ensuring that you are aware of all documentation required and can submit the documents to the correct local authorities on your behalf. The process for a catholic wedding requires strict paperwork which takes 6 months to obtain and process. With high demands for the local Catholic Church, it is recommended that provisional dates are booked early to avoid disappointment.

Civil Ceremony
The requirements for civil wedding ceremonies in Spain are dependent on local regulations and therefore will vary greatly from each town hall. At the current time legislation regarding civil weddings for non-residents is complex and subject to mis-interpretation. We recommend therefore that couples who are not residents in Spain have a civil marriage in their home country and a Wedding blessing in Spain. 

 If you are resident in Spain for some or part of the year you will need the following documentation for a civil marrige:
  • Original birth certificate (accompanied by a sworn translation)
  • Passport
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage, this may be obtained from your local registry office or consulate.
  • If applicable, an original marriage and divorce certificate must be presented and accompanied by a sworn translation.
  • If either party is widowed, then both the original marriage certificate and death certificate must be presented together with sworn translations.
  • Certificate of Empadronimiento from the Town hall of the town in which you are a resident.

All documents that are in English must be stamped with the Hague Apostille. This may be obtained from the Legislation Office:

Admiralty Office
London SW1A 2LG
Tel 0207 008 1111
The office is open from 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

Irish Department of Foreign Affairs
Consular Section
Department of Foreign Affairs
Hainault House
69 - 71 St. Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2

Tel. (01) 408 2174

All documents to be Apostilled or authenticated should bear an original signature, seal or stamp from a Notary Public in Ireland.

The fee for this service is at present €20 for each Apostille or authentication.  


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