Surprise Your Guests!

Thursday, 06 August 2015 00:00

If you want your Spanish wedding to be memorable, good food and a great location are a fantastic way to start. To really add fun and ensure your wedding is unforgettable however, surprising your guests in some way is often the key! In this week's blog we look at fun ways you can delight your guests and bring even more magic to your Big Day. There are lots of possibilities, and you know your guests better than most, so this is a brilliant opportunity to show your playful side or showcase a hobby or activity you love. See some of our favourite ideas below:

Paraglide as a wedding couple - this is not for the faint hearted but if you are both brave and really want to impress your guests why not take off for a paraglide? Sarah and Derek who married with us back in 2013 did just that - in their wedding outfits!!! 


Fun Dance - this can be an incredible way to start your married life - amazing your family and friends with a special dance you have rehearsed and really showing the world you and your loved one are a team!

Crazy favours - back in the old days wedding favours meant a little bag of sugared almonds. Now though the internet and your wedding planner offer an incredible range of favours. Thoughtful favours can carry on the theme of your wedding and give the people who travelled to share your day something special to to keep and take home. 

Silly Hats/clothing - at Christmas putting in the silly hat that comes out of your cracker seems to add to the festive spirit and sense of togetherness. Similarly providing some fun hats for your guests or asking all the guys to wear funny socks can sound a bit lame but if it creates a talking point and adds a sense of fun and laughter to your day it can bring people together and makes for great photos too!

Photo challenge - if capturing the spirit of your day is a major issue for you then getting your guests involved can be a clever way to add to the professional photos from your photographer and get some otherwise never seen images from your day. A board like this can inspire guests and keep them talking about your wedding long after the dancing has ended….


Don't be afraid to express yourselves and show your guests you care too!



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