Wedding planner VS venue coordinator

Friday, 20 November 2015 00:00

If you are thinking of a wedding in Spain the chances are you are planning a visit to look at venues and get an idea of what you want for your Big Day. In the process you may come across Venue coordinators offering to help you plan your wedding at their venue. If they are not charging a fee then it is tempting to think this is a convenient and cheap route for your Big Day. Before taking the plunge and booking your Spanish Wedding however do make sure you know the difference between a venue coordinator and a Wedding Planner as this can have a huge impact on the planning and day itself.

The Venue Coordinators!
Looking first at venue coordinators the primary thing to emphasise is that they only work at one venue. This means that they are essential employed by this venue to coordinate weddings and other events taking place there. They not only have a vested interest in you booking that particular venue therefore, but also have the venue´s interests at heart. 

A good example of this is when there are decisions to be taken about the weather and your wedding day meal. If skies are grey but you want your wedding outside. A venue coordinator will want to go with what is best for the hotel which may be to set up everything inside just in case…. Your wedding planner however works for you, so if you have specified eating al fresco will fight for this if at all possible, even if it means extra work for the hotel.

In addition to this venue coordinators are as their name suggests simply there to coordinate the parts of your wedding which pertain to the venue. Generally speaking they do not book additional suppliers for you or, crucially, advise you on whether these suppliers are suited for the venue and type of wedding you have in mind. If you are happy to use the hotel DJ or flowers therefore that´s great. If you want more choice however you will not only need to find these yourself but check what is and isn´t possible at your chosen venue.

The Wedding Planners!
Although the initial fee for a wedding planner can be off-putting, the advantages can be numerous! When visiting for the first time to look at venues a wedding planner can create a list of potentials based on your ideas, guest numbers and budget. This means less time wasted on venues that are too pricey, or simply not right for you. A planner can also give you an objective list of pros and cons of each venue as she is independent of them and works for you the couple.
EG: If you want to dance until dawn you need to know the noise restrictions at each venue and which bands and DJs work well there. A good planner will be able to advise you on these along with all the other suppliers you need for your wedding day. If you want something unusual – a funk band, or fireworks, she will be able to research if these are possible and if so, liaise between the supplier and venue to make sure everything is clear.

This liaison between suppliers and your chosen venue is a vital and under rated one, yet is often overlooked by couples planning to do everything themselves or with the venue coordinator. You, your wedding day suppliers and your chosen venue will all have an idea of how your wedding will run and when it will start and end. If these ideas do not coincide however you can have big problems. Venue planners will stick to the timeline that suits the hotel but it may not suit your or your wedding day suppliers. A good wedding planner will check and advise on the best time line to accommodate you and the venue and make sure everyone knows where they need to be, and when.
More than this even, ultimately your wedding planner is on your side. She will be the one advising you on menus, great bands and all fantastic local suppliers she knows. She’ll be there opening the door of the church for you or tying sashes on chairs. She will want you to have YOUR best Wedding day ever - not a copy of someone else’s…..




When things go wrong... it can still be happy ever after!

Friday, 30 October 2015 00:00

You've dreamed about your wedding for years and want everything to be perfect - but what happens when things go wrong? In the months leading up to your Big Day it is only normal to imagine your wedding day as 100% perfect and so good that it will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come. However, what if, because of human error, act of God or totally unforseen circumstances something goes wrong either beforehand or on the day itself? It is not a popular topic for discussion but sometimes the unexpected does happen so here our are key tips for riding out the storm and coming out smiling with a happy ending after all....

Buy insurance: Wedding insurance is often neglected by couples who do not want to pay for something they will probably not use. For the sake of a small sum of money (packages start at 30 euros) however you can have the peace of mind of knowing you are covered if you have to cancel unexpectedly, make new plans in the event of financial failure by a supplier, must delay travel or other unforseen difficulties . While this does not make up for the worry and additional work caused in these cases it can help you recoop some of the money which can make a big difference.

Speak to your planner: Your Wedding Planner cares as much about your Big Day as you do. She wants everything to go well and has years of experience planning events. Don't treat her like a competitor therefore, but as soon as you have a problem talk to her, ask her advice and use her expertise and contacts if she suggests they can help resolve the situation.

Be realistic: When you get married in Spain the customs, food and culture are different to those back home. Aside from the sunshine, the up side of this is the great Spanish food, love of dancing, willingness to welcome children everywhere and traditions such as flamenco dancing, all of which can bring even more sparkle to your Big Day. The red tape and "do it tomorrow" attitude can be frustrating however. Somethings do work differently here and a wedding in Spain will not be the same as a wedding in Ireland, the UK, Scandinavia or the States. Celebrate the differences and you will be better equipped to laugh at the stuff which you thought would be easy but turns out to be far more complicated.....

Take a step back: Some problems are truly disastrous - an absent groom or flooded reception venue. Others however are a matter of perspective. Will your wedding really be ruined if your flowers come in a slightly darker shade of pink or if town regulations mean can't arrive at the church in a horse and carriage? Before calling it a disaster take five minutes to sit quietly and think about the important things in your life and why you are marrying in the first place. You are making a public declaration of your love in front of family and friends so don't let insignificant details change your appreciation of the Big picture....!


Come, meet us, AND have a Ball at the ExCel Wedding Show!

Thursday, 24 September 2015 00:00

This year Spanish Wedding Planner is incredibly excited to announce we will be spreading our wings and working at the prestigious ExCel Wedding Show in London on 3 - 4 October. This is one of the industry's most innovative and dazzling shows with professionals suppliers for every part of your Wedding Day gathered under one roof.  


In addition to meeting us and getting advice, ideas for an incredible Spanish Wedding you can also enjoy all the freebies and fun of the fair including wedding dress catwalk shows, the wedding entertainment stage for bands and live acts, DIY tutorials at the Creative Brides Craft Corner, incredible wedding cakes and a champagne bar!

We will be on Stand J26 and would really love to meet you, so make an appointment now by emailing us at: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What to look for in a wedding planner!

Friday, 19 June 2015 00:00

It may be a strange topic for a wedding planner to broach but there is no doubt finding a good wedding planner is vital if you are going to entrust your Big Day to someone. Not all wedding planners are created equal so if you are paying for a planner make sure you know what to look for in the best.

Long established - we are the longest established wedding company in Spain. A good planner should have worked in the business for several years or be able to tell you what makes her previous experience relevant to wedding planning if she is a relative new comer.

Experience - when it comes to planning and executing a wedding, experience really does count. Check with your planner how many weddings she has done and, if in doubt, ask for testimonials from couples who have used her services in the past.

Variety of suppliers and products. We think we offer the best variety for suppliers and decoration but a good planner should be able to offer you a choice of suppliers such as photographers and be able to suggest great ideas for decoration, favours and flowers etc which will work well at your venue and with the suppliers and wedding date you have chosen.

The way the planner works. We use a great wedding planning software to make the planning easier and documented and this also provides you with a wedding website to make it easier for your guests. Even if your planner does not use a particular software she should be organised and have systems in place so your wedding requests and choices are noted and reflected in your budget.

Love of the job - this is hard to quantify but really why would you want to hire a wedding planner who does not love what she does!

Happy planning!



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