On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me….

Thursday, 12 November 2015 00:00

Christmas. Even the word conjures all sorts of images and feelings, and, love it or hate it, it is hard to ignore Christmas in the western world. Mid-November, the festive season is almost here with tv adverts, Christmas offers, parties and presents lists. For couples it can be a stressful time with a great deal to do, lots of people from both families to see and long lists of presents and cards to buy.

Don’t despair though! If you have a wedding planned for 2016 you can use Christmas as way of really reconnecting with your intended with a wedding themed Christmas present. It sounds strange but amid all the family bustle it can be hard to get some “alone time” with your partner, let alone talk about the wedding and the underlying reason for it all - the love you share. Whether or not you are going all out for a big Christmas or keeping things small and simple a thoughtful present can be a fantastic reminder of your Big Day to come.

Wedding related presents need not be expensive or elaborate. In fact there are two ways of making them super special and wedding related. You could save your pennies and wow your partner with a wedding day gift or activity (eg: fireworks, an incredible band, a classic car).

Alternatively you can buy something your partner will love which is also makes them think of your wedding, or something which can be worn or used on the day. The list is huge but here we look at a few ideas to get you started….

Jewellery - We know this isn’t an original idea but a simple pair or earrings or cufflinks which your intended can wear on your Wedding day are more than just things of beauty - the can be worn on the Day and treasured forever - bonus points all round!


Cutting board - this is not only truly beautiful but useful too. If your partner loves to cook then this could be the perfect gift...


Canvas guest tree - a beautiful picture in its own right, this canvas tree also doubles as an incredibly cool guest book for your wedding day so that’s two in one with this present!

Bottle stoppers - A little something to keep the wine fresh at Christmas and a great way of looking forward to your Big Day too!


Christmas Stockings - probably not a main gift, these Christmas stockings are a fabulous bit of fun and a great reminder you will soon be man and wife!


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